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November 15, 2019

Make Maxis Cool Again With These Styling Tips and Tricks.

Most of us pay attention to our maxi dresses when we are planning for a beach vacation. We completely fail to identify the versatility of the stunning maxi dresses that are sitting in our wardrobes just because we do not know how to style maxi dress. They are not only versatile but also super comfortable due to their flowy design, extremely flattering on all body shapes and sizes, and can be styled for any occasion or mood with our tips and tricks.

  • Sneakers for that casual look: The world is raving about dad’s shoes at the moment. However, if chunky sneakers aren’t quite your style, then go for the classic ones and pair it with your maxi dress. They are comfortable as well as super on-trend.

Floral maxi dresses

  • Blazer for the board room: Add a little feminine touch to your office wear by swapping your pantsuits or formal dresses with a maxi dress. Look for elements that give the maxi dress a formal touch like a collared neckline, smart stripes, and soft colours. Our Pink Princess Dress fits the bit perfectly. Now layer the piece with a well-structured blazer and a pair of smart oxford shoes.


  • Colour block: bold colour combinations are the easiest way to make an eye-catching style statement. Take, for example, our vivid Bright Orange Maxi Dress with Triangular motifs or our lemon yellow maxi dress. Pair these bright hues with equally bright complementary colours like yellow or fuchsia. You can do this with shoes, jackets, scarves, or accessories.

Maxi Dress

  • Layering is caring: Give a completely different look to your maxi dress by wearing a turtleneck pullover underneath, or a white button-down, or a graphic tee. Layering works best with sleeveless dresses and those with strappy sleeves. This is the best way to make your maxi dressed work even when the air turns chilly during the winter months.


  • Add grunge to florals: Floral maxi dresses like our Darling Daisy Maxi Dress in Blush Pink is the epitome of femininity and summer fashion. The maxi dress can obviously be styled on its own, but what’s the fun in wearing it in a way that does not showcase some unique style. Juxtapose the feminine style with some edgy elements like a motorbike jacket or a denim jacket. Choose lace-up combat boots for your shoes to complete this head-turning outfit.

Maxi Dress

  • Give a beachy vibe: we all know a beach vacay is incomplete without a maxi dress, but you can recreate the refreshing look for a day about in town or for brunch with your girlfriends. Simply add a straw bag as an accessory that does all the talking. Refrain from donning flip flops; instead, go for gladiator sandals from our collection. If you choose to go for a maxi dress that has a deeper neckline, then wear a beautiful lacy bralette to complete the look.

So, why wait? Go maxi dress online shopping and pick out some of the stunning pieces to grace your wardrobe. Our extensive collection features special occasion maxi dresses, casual ones, and everything in between.