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Velvet Shawls

Rust Solid Velvet Shawl
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Rust Solid Velvet Shawl

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Yellow Printed Velvet Shawl
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Yellow Printed Velvet Shawl

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Velvet Shawls are a charming accessory that can be added to any ensemble

Shawls have been one of the most-worn pieces of clothing for both men and women since the beginning of time. Because their folds are loose and soft, they give your outfit an air of sophistication. Whether you wrap a Velvet shawl around you to keep warm, drape it over your shoulder for winter, or wear it around your neck as an excellent accessory, it will always look beautiful and add something to your outfit. There are three ways to wear a shawl. There are many new and creative ways to wear a shawl, and each one changes how you look different from the others.

The word "shawl" comes from the Persian word "shal," which means a piece of clothing draped loosely and worn over the shoulders, upper torso, arms, and sometimes even over the head. In the Middle East and Asia, people often wear shawls. Most shawls are rectangular or square; before being worn, they are usually folded into a triangle shape. Shawls can also be triangles or oblongs, but no matter their body, they are generally much more significant than scarves. Stay tuned if you want to learn more about this timeless piece of clothing and the handpicked selection available online at In wave India.

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If you are, you're in luck. We are the best place possible you can reach in just seconds. Here are a few examples of the many stylish shawls you can buy through our website and app. These are just a few of the many Velvet shawls available in the ‘In wave India’ collection.

Beautiful Velvet shawls that are sure to catch your attention.

It is well known that the history of the most popular shawls is just as fascinating as the craft that goes into making them. So, let's look at some of the different kinds of shawls and figure out what makes them so popular:

Pashmina shawls

The pashmina goats live in Ladakh, which is in India. Mir Ali Hamadani came to the area in the 1400s. While there, he made socks out of the wool of the locals to give to the king as a gift. This event was why the pashmina shawl, now loved in many places worldwide, was made.

Dourukha shawls

This shawl comes from Kashmir, a place that looks like a painting. "Two-faced" is what the word "dourukha" means in Persian. It is a woven fabric that has been cleverly made so that both sides of the garment have the same look. These beautiful shawls are works of art because they combine embroidery, weaving, and religious ideas.

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In wave India, you can buy Velvet shawls that are 100% real and have a brand name. You can choose the proper shawl for you from a variety of fabrics and designs. You can make wish lists of the shawls you like best in ‘In wave India’, and you can also get great discounts, free shipping, order tracking, and the option to pay cash on delivery. This makes it even more fun for you to go shopping. When you shop at In wave India, it will be easy to find shawls because they offer so many excellent services. Our Velvet shawls hold the heritage of years and years. You can carry both modern and ethnic look with our selected shawls.