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September 25, 2019

Kurtas That Flatter Your Body Type

Women’s bodies come in different shapes and sizes, and there is nothing that should dictate them from wearing whatever their heart desires. However, we all have some features in our body that we love and some that we don’t.  Wearing the right clothing and styling them smartly can accentuate the good while concealing the flaws.
To style yourself well, you must be aware of your body shape and type. So, take a good look in the mirror and measure your shoulders, bust, waist and hips with a measuring tape to decide your body shape. Then find out the features you love the most and concentrate on accentuating them with your everyday clothing choices.
One of the wardrobe staples of Indian women are kurtis. But sadly, most of us do not pay much attention to what would flatter our bodies in the best way possible when we go shopping for them. So, here are some ideas to pick the kurti that will make you look and feel like a million bucks.
  1. For the Apple-shaped woman

If you have a heavier on the top than bottom, then you happen to fall under this category. Women with an apple-body shape have a broad shoulder, fuller bust and narrower hips. The focus should be on adding volume to the bottom half to balance out the top half. Short kurtis like our frenzy sloe top and red wine peplum top are great picks for best kurta for summer. The peplum like style will add beautiful volume at your hips. Pair it with super skinny jeans that will accentuate you lender legs. Make sure that the length of the kurta goes beyond your hips.

  1. For the Pear-shaped woman

It’s all about the base with this beautiful body type. Thanks to likes of Jennifer Lopez and Deepika Padukone, this body shape is all the rage at the moment. They have thicker things and a well-endowed booty with narrow shoulders and a demure bust line. The idea is to add volume on top to balance out the heavy bottom. Our black ikkat dress with a red short shrug is perfect to add some volume to the chest area. If you want to show off your stunning behind, then pick you skinniest skinny jeans and top it with our pink stripes ruffle top in which the ruffles will add some volume to bust. Going for higher necklines like a Chinese collar also makes for a very flattering look for the pear shaped woman.  

  1. For the Hourglass figure

This is the most proportionate figure with a well-balanced top to bottom ratio and a well-defined waistline. They can pick anything when going for online kurta shopping but must focus on styles that accentuate their tiny waist. Short summer kurta like our ombre white kaftan top is perfect to cinch in the waist. Going for longer anarkali kurtas or a line kurtas will do justice to your beautiful figure. Stay away from ill fitted and sloppy designs that eat up your blessed curves in a jiffy.