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Coord Sets

Indigo Criss Cross Belted Coord Set
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Blue Orange Paisley Print Coord Set
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Blue Kalamkari Coord Set
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Blue Kalamkari Coord Set

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Black Kalamkari Coord Set With Belt
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Rani Pink 3 Piece Coord Set With Belt
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Navy Beige Coord Set
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Navy Beige Coord Set

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Black 3 Piece Coord Set With Belt
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Mehandi Green Kaftan Boho Coord Set
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Sky blue Pink Floral Belted Coord Set
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Blue Pink Ogee Print Belted Coord Set
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What is a co ord?

A Co-ord is what? A co-ord, sometimes referred to as two-piece outfits, is an outfit constructed of coordinating hues, designs, or materials. Co-ords are separates that are intended to be worn together, whether it's a coordinated jogger and sweatshirt look or a matching top and skirt set.

Co-ord sets strike the ideal mix between being flexible in terms of style, elegance, and effortlessness, while still being straightforward and monotonous from top to bottom.


How can comfort and style coexist in one outfit? Course, with coordinated sets! Co-ord sets have been popular for many years, but they have recently made a comeback on the fashion scene with some fresh techniques. A coordinated set can include three or more pieces in addition to the required minimum of two. The key to making this seem good is to keep everything in the same colour family, but you may also mix textures and patterns within that colour scheme.


Many people use their clothing as an outlet for self-expression, choosing outfits that either match their personalities or convey the impression they want to make. Conversely, comfortable clothing is frequently worn for no particular reason other than the fact that it is comfortable. Don't let that prevent you from dressing sensually! There are many clothes that will keep you warm and toasty while still making you seem seductive.

Learn how to make co-ords (short for coordinate) flattering on your body type if you're new to wearing them by reading these recommendations. Any outfit will look excellent with them. They look good with skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, loose pants, flowing skirts, pencil skirts, etc. The degree of comfort you experience when shopping for co-ords is another important consideration. In order to get the ultimate in comfort and seductive appeal, make sure the clothing you purchase feels fantastic against your skin.


The first error ladies make is pairing their coordinated outfit with flats since flats are less comfy than heels. A flat may appear classy and even attractive, but it doesn't really highlight your best features. Wear your matching set with a pair of heels if you want to look seductive and seductive. Additionally, keep in mind that these should be stilettos or pumps with heels because anything less would detract from your overall look.

People should be staring at your legs instead of your shoes when you're out in public. Additionally, it will be more comfortable for all-day walking, which anyone who has worn heels before can attest is extremely worthwhile! A word of advice: Be careful not to overestimate your height! Women have been known to break their backs competing against one another in height contests. Keeps your height to a maximum of 3 inches to avoid hurting yourself or ruining otherwise fantastic clothing?


Wearing your co-ord set when travelling is a simple way to look good and feel comfortable. You may mix and match the clothing components in a co-ord set, making it not only comfortable to wear but also versatile. Before you leave, be sure to try on a few different top and bottom combinations. A co-ord set is the perfect casual outfit for excursions to the beach or camping because of its relaxed look.

Try donning a co-ord outfit for any other activities that call for comfort but still look fashionable once you learn what kind of shirts and pants go well together (and which ones don't). Consider wearing an off-the-shoulder shirt and shorts when relaxing in your backyard, for instance. Then, look for a cosy co-ord set whenever you need to dress up but want to feel more at ease about it.

Everyone will think you made a fantastic decision in travelling attire when you get there, regardless of how you wear them while you're away from home! Everyone will be impressed by how carefully you thought out your holiday travel attire.


Co-ord sets are a chic way to feel comfy and put together. They work well with many different types of clothing and are ideal for all occasions. There is a co-ord set to suit your needs no matter what kind of outfit you have in mind! Every woman's closet should include cozy, seductive co-ords. With these simple pieces, you can put together a tone of incredible outfits—co-ords are truly endless!

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