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Chikankari Kurtas


Chikankari Kurtas for Women From InWeave

Indian women frequently wear white Lakhnavi kurta, so you might wish to choose a white chikankari kurta. Keep in mind that these Chikankari kurtas come in a variety of other stunning colours in addition to white. You can experiment with various hues like cream, pastel blue, or pink. Additionally, you can experiment with other prints on them, such as lehengas, embroidery, etc. You have a choice! But make sure the item you pick will go well with your skin tone, height, and body type. You may order a fantastic selection of Chikankari lakhnavi kurta from Adah Bespoke online, and they provide free shipping to India.

What is the Speciality of chikankari?

Chikankari  is the name of the method used to create chikan works. Chikan is a type of hand embroidery that is delicate and skillfully executed on a variety of textile fabrics, including muslin, silk, chiffon, organza, net, etc. On calm, pastel hues of light muslin and cotton clothing, white thread is stitched.

Which fabric is best for chikankari work?

Chikan embroidery is mostly done on fine fabrics like cotton, semi-Georgette, pure Georgette, crepe, chiffon, silk or any other fabric which is light and which highlights the embroidery.

Tips for Chikankarti kurti:

Maintain Perfect Makeup with Blush

Kurtas made of Lakhnavi Chikankari are beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear. It is simple to match your clothing with theirs, especially when the kurtas have a lovely print. Use blush on your cheeks or other cosmetics that will give appeal to your general appearance while making sure your makeup is flawless. You can use various hues, such as pink, red, or orange, which will complement your skin tone and give you a distinctive charm by bringing out its inherent beauty.

Play with Various Earrings

A lot of people think that earrings just about look, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to adding that extra bit of glamour to your outfit. Experiment with different kinds of earrings- small, medium, and large ones, some studded with diamonds or other gemstones while others highlighted by classic colors. One common mistake we notice among ladies is their tendency to stick to just one or two pairs; don’t do it! Instead, you should have at least three pairs of earrings- one to match each dress you own. If you want to be even more daring, why not try out those dangling pearl earrings? They will make sure that heads turn as soon as you walk into a room. The most important thing here is not what kind of jewelry you wear but how comfortable they are on your ears and how they complement your face shape and hair color.


Pair it with Stone Work Locket

Chikankari Kurtas can be paired with anything. For example, you can go minimal by pairing it with gold or silver earrings or bracelets. On days when you want an ethnic touch in your look, wearing bangles is one of my favorite ways to accessorize my white kurtas. But if you want something more intricate, why not try out colorful bangles that are embellished with stonework? You can pair them with any color of Lakhnavi kurtas; I love pairing them with my chikankari kurtas. If you’re looking for some really cool ones, head over to The Ethnic Story. They have so many gorgeous pieces!


Carry Ethnic Bag with Great Ease

Bags made of chikan have long been in high demand since it is one of those materials that exudes refinement and elegance. Additionally, women frequently carry fashionable handbags that complement their clothing. However, people are unsure of how to carry such handbags when wearing cultural attire. The solution is to carry them well by utilising the appropriate accessory. Chikan bags come in a variety of hues and designs, so you can pick one that appeals to you.

Style your hair in a Bun and Embellish it with Flowers

You'll need a stunning accessory to go with your lovely Lakhnavi Chikankari kurta. Select blooms that go with your attire, or add pink roses to it. Depending on how vibrant you want your appearance to be, you can select either red or white roses. Again, feel free to include other accessories as well if flowers aren't your thing; just keep in mind that they should be delicate. Try bunning your long hair and adding these accents to the back of your head if you have long hair. Consider wearing your short hair along one side of your face if you have short hair.

In order to avoid having too much of your face hidden, keep them close to one ear for both styles. And presto! Your outfit is finished!

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