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Block Print Harem Pants


Voguish Collection Of Block Printed Harem Pants At InWeave

The lack of uniqueness or freshness in fashion can definitely induce yawning and InWeave strives to prevent such act at any cost. Thus, we have brought you an all-new collection of block-printed harem pants for women. If you are bored of the same bland prints on pants, try our latest designer block printed harem pants, which display fine craftsmanship, design, work patterns, hemlines, cuts, and marvellous colours. With our new collection, it is easy to make your peers feel envious in no time as our harem pants are not any ordinary ones but come with indigenous work patterns. 

If you are ready to get fondled within the creases of block printed fabric while being stylish, choose harem pants in block prints online. Also, if you love Arabic styles and fashion sense, this is surely a thing to get indulged in. With Indian ethnic art- block prints, these harem pants are surely a catch during your luxe and comfy days. 

Venture into the beautiful world of block printed cotton harem pants on InWeave and relish them during the best of your days. Be it Summer days, adventure times, laid back Sundays or festive times, our unique range of the latest designer block printed harem pants will leave your peers speechless out of admiration.  

Dangerously Beautiful Facts On Block Prints 

To get indulge in something and crave for it, either we need a taste of it to get addicted or know some things to get curious to try at once. Get ready to get bamboozled with fun facts about block prints and how they have fascinatingly spread in the Indian region. And then, block printed harem pants online to get praised by all of your peers, fams and friends. 

So, let’s get started: 

  • Did you know that the most ancient data that is found regarding block print, dates back to the Indus Valley civilisation, which is around 3500 to 1300 BC? At that time, people were already using cotton block printed fabrics. 
  • The most typical colour which was used at that ancient time was red (pigment extracted from the madder plant’s roots). 
  • One of the things to thank the Mughals is that they brought intricate floral motifs in the hand block printed textiles first in Rajasthan. If you are fond of floral ladies block printed harem pants, explore our collection and get yourself the best one now!
  • There are various types of Block Printing techniques and types: Rajasthan’s Dabu print that uses mud printing technique, Gujarat's Ajrakh prints that feature geometric motifs, Calico prints that are known for dual colour prints and etc. 
  • The blocks required for this printing technique need 10-15 days to be perfected. 
  • Today, this art is majorly used in various states of India - Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.
  • Block print is a triumph over the industrialization and monotony in the fashion world and it is intentionally then introduced into the modern fashion world to keep it alive through Indowestern and western dresses as well. Harem pant is just another piece to relish the beauty of block prints. Don’t miss the chance then! 

InWeave’s Intricate Block Printed Cotton Harem Pants

We know the significance of the variety of fabrics for you and how different types of harem pants fabrics can deviate your daily mood. InWeave thus has brought you the most comfortable and stylish types of harem pants – block printed cotton harem pants. 

Not every store has such a variety of fabrics in harem pants but we would love you to get indulge in the best. Choose from the innumerable colours, styles such as tassel top harem set and fabrics only at your favourite online shopping site – InWeave.