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Our Story

"Witness InWeave's remarkable journey from its modest beginnings with 40 styles to becoming a powerhouse of fashion with 1200 premium offerings”

InWeave is a bold, inclusive, fashion-forward apparel brand dedicated to empowering women with attire that effortlessly reflects their true selves. In 2016, our journey began with a spark of inspiration, leading us to open our first two offline stores in Gurgaon. From blending Indian and Western influences to creating pieces perfect for every season and occasion, we're here to accompany you on every step of your stylish adventure.

The Founder’s Vision

Meet Shveta Narula, the driving force behind InWeave, renowned for its elegance and quality. Combining image consultancy with a love for fashion, Shveta started with 40 offline products, growing InWeave into India's premier online brand with 1200 styles.

In her role as an Image Consultant, Shveta Narula meticulously curates garments imbued with style and grace. Shveta's design philosophy is both straightforward and impactful, guiding every step from product selection to market alignment with the brand ethos.

"At InWeave, we empower femininity with our unique blend of Indian traditions and modern sophistication.”

~ Shveta Naruala

The Logo Story

"Feel the timeless grace of feminine energy as it flows through every stitch of our contemporary Indian outfits, celebrating the essence of womanhood.“

InWeave isn't just a name; it's a reflection of our essence. It embodies the warmth of our embrace, symbolizing the intertwining of diverse stories and cultures. Like a fabric woven with care, it represents our commitment to crafting designs that resonate with every woman's journey.

Our logo story is more than mere aesthetics; it symbolises our commitment to weaving together the rich stories and heritage of our culture.

Our Philosphy

Personalized Style Curation

InWeave, we believe in the power of personal style expression. Our curated collections are crafted with passion and care, resonating with the modern Indian woman's sense of individuality. With a focus on authenticity and self-expression, we empower our customers to embrace their cultural heritage while reflecting their unique fashion preferences.

Customer Centric Innovation

At InWeave, your comfort and style are our top priorities. We're constantly listening to your feedback to ensure our products meet your expectations, inspiring us to craft modern yet comfortable pieces that resonate with your unique tastes. InWeave's women's wear isn't just admired; it's embraced by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike. They adore styling them for everyday elegance or glamorous affairs, showcasing their irresistible allure.

Shveta’s Favorite Styles