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Things To Look For In Summer Kurtas

August 22, 2019

Women Kurta Set

Only one thing that can take the edge off of the relentless Indian summer is appropriate attire. One of the wardrobe staples in every Indian woman’s closet is kurtas. The Indian women can make this piece of clothing work for any event, place or time of the year. However, when it comes to kurtas for summer, one should look for the following 5 things to have the most comfortable #OOTDs every day.
  1. Material
It is almost a no brainer that summer calls for cotton. The natural fabric is super absorbent making it a perfect choice for the sultry humidity of the Indian summer. Cotton is also very breathable, so it will let air circulate and maintain a cooler body temperature by evaporating the sweat. Similarly, linen is also a god choice for summer as it is also breathable and absorbent like cotton. So, go for cotton or linen kurtas when the weather turns steamy.
  1. Colour
The colour of your attire becomes all the more important during the summertime. Let’s indulge in some simple science to refresh your memories from 8th standard. Lighter colours reflect light, whereas, darker colours are meant to absorb light. When the sun shines bright during this time of the year, the more light you absorb, the warmer you get. So, opt for lighter and brighter colours to stay cool and comfortable in the sweltering heat. Pristine white, pale pinks, powder blues, grey and yellows are our top picks for the summer time. However, do not go boring the entire week, throw in a bright red or green every now and then paired with lighter coloured bottoms.
  1. Prints
While trends come and go, classic florals are a constant summer favourite. They look absolutely beautiful on summer kurtas for ladies. Go for smaller floral print if you are petite so the print does not overpower you; whereas bolder prints are a great option for ladies with a broader frame. However, we are all about breaking fashion rules so do what makes you feel and look great.
Swaying away from floral prints, we also love bold kalamkari prints which look very modern and edgy on a traditional garment. Talk about the best of both worlds. Eye catching prints like faces of goddesses, flying birds, and more look very bold yet feminine at the same time.
Another print worth investing in is stripes. They make you look leaner and taller when placed vertically which we all love.  
  1. Sleeves
Go for interesting sleeves such as bell sleeves or keep it simple with sleeves that end at your elbow. You can roll up the sleeves for a very cool and edgy look with a simple kurta. The loose long sleeves will not only let air flow freely to keep you feeling comfortable all day long but also your arm shielded from the brutal rays of the sun.
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